Il s’agit du second émulateur de Nintendo DS créé par l’équipe de Gebea.

– ALL: IRQs must now be acknowledged before they can occur again
– CPU: Added emultaion of the IntrWait and VBlankIntrWait SWIs
– CPU: SWI 0xFF (0xFF0000 in ARM mode) outputs the string pointed to by R0 to the debug console
– MMU: Small optimizations on some of the load/store functions
– GUI: Added a disassembler, memory viewer and debug console
– GUI: Improved the palette viewer
– GUI: If a filename is given on the commandline, the emulator will try to load and run the file
– GUI: Added keyboard shortcuts for most of the menu selections
– GUI: You can now start a binary by drag-dropping it onto the main window

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