Dédié à XP Media Center (le premier du genre), il nécessite DirectX 9c et .NET 1.1 SP1 au minimum, 2 composants plutôt lourds et exclusivement Windows.

– Right mouse button now does a navigate back
– Fixed Issue with Alpha page down not working when DirectInput is being used.
– Jukebox now includes a new one click feature to queue all songs for an Artist, Album or Genre.
– New setting, to choose whether to process a game image or video on a thread (more responsive), or immediately (faster).
– Maximum size of Game list is now 45000 instead of 35000
– New setting to run an app or bat file before launching a MAME game and after. Game and ArcadeVGA resolutions, Rom name, Control mode and Game name can be passed to the program.
– GameEx now does does automatic switching of 2/4/8/49 way modes based on the selected game and controls.ini. A World First! Check the forum for more information and how it is being used.

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