DAPHNE est le 1er émulateur LaserDisc. Il tourne sous Windows 95/98/2000/XP. En voici les améliorations:

– all strcpy and strcat’s in ldp-vldp.cpp replaced with safer versions that
cannot buffer overflow
– error messages relating to erroneous framefiles have been improved to ease
– command-line argument size has been increased to 320 characters from 80.
This allows people to run daphne from within many nested directories, or from
within directories with long names
– a « -nojoystick » option has been added to prevent daphne from using a
joystick if desired
– parallel port support for win2k/winxp is now built-in (an external program
such as directio or allowio is no longer needed)
– error messages about rom loading failures have been made more verbose to
ease troubleshooting

Télécharger DAPHNE v1.0.9 (5,0 Mo)

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