Une nouvelle version du Command.dat anglais est disponible sur le site (command.dat permet à Mame/Mame32 Plus! et FX d’afficher les coups d’un jeu, dans l’émulateur).

Minoplis’s tireless efforts had come through again. I can’t believe how much he added this time. Try: Jojo’s Venture/ Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Two CPS3 games), Global Champions/Kaiser Knuckle/Dan-Ku-ga, Primal Rage 2, Burning Rival (a system 32 fighting game from SEGA), Martial Champion (From Konami), Dragonball Z and Dragonball Z 2 – Super Battle (these two were made by Banpresto). And as if that wasn’t enough, some fixes for KOFs 94, 95, 96, 97, tattoo Assasins and Fatal Fury 3. I also added Mini-Manuals for Frenzy and Millipede, and fixed up a little formatting.

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