Voici enfin une version stable de Romcenter, un très bon gestionnaire de roms dont voici les nouveautés:

– New resource (bios) management code. This fix some bugs in latest mame versions
– Display bios and merged files with a colored background in database node
– Display bios rom if used by a game.
– Fix ‘browse folder’ on windows me
– Remove folder refresh on shell operations
– Fix ‘duplicate(0)’ bug
– Display number of resources in database
– Remove count of resources in games and clone (count is consistent with mame now)
– Fix some file status bugs
– Allow crc and rom name search
– Fix sometimes incomplete repair of some files
– New Datutil version with mame xml support
– New zip dll version
– Clrmame pro datafile support (through Datutil)
– Registry replaced by ini file
– Mame Sublist are automatically extracted when creating mame datafile.

– Fix ‘index out of bound’ when duplicates entries in datafile
– Fix troubles with ‘[]’ in config.ini
– Don’t report in miss report games wich just miss roms in their bios.
– Fix error when merging a zip with a corrupted zip.
– Fix bad file extension calculation when format is (x.x).xx
– Don’t automatically connect internet when entering datafile manager (click refresh button)
– Fix Cancel button in datafile manager web download
– Fix Path overflow in inifile when a lot of rompaths are loaded
– Fix renaming of roms inside mamezipped games
– Fix webdatafile (you can specify a proxy in the ini file)
– Wider datafile combo box
– Zip datafiles imported from mame
– Remember the mame folder when importing datafile
– Fixed a bug creating a crash during a fix operation.

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