PlayGuy est un nouvel émulateur Game Boy Color tournant sous Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP).

Caractéristiques :

– Color and Classic GameBoy support – auto-detection of GBC functions.
– 16, 32(24) bpp color support.
– Three pre-defined windowed sizes – Small (1x), Medium (approx. half screen height), Large (largest possible integer multiple).
– Fullscreen at 640×480 – 3x.
– Superior sound support – All four sound channels fully emulated in stereo. Selectable sound channels and sampling rate.
– Save States.
– Fully customizable button inputs – keyboard and joystick support.
– MBC1/MBC2/MBC3/MBC5 support. Real-time clock support for MBC3 is untested and may not work yet.
– Drag & Drop Support.
– Auto Frame Skip.
– Full CPU core emulation, accurate timings, interrupts, DMA, etc.

En prévision :

– GameLink support – support of the serial link over an internet connection.
– Super GameBoy functions.
– Additional video display options.
– Obscure mapper support, debug MBC3 real-time clock.
– Rumble Pak support.

Télécharger PlayGuy 1.03b (215.4 Ko)

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