Nouvelle release pour ce bon émulateur SNES pour Dos.

-Other: Added code to use the FPU or MMX to clear the framebuffer, and to allow disabling of cache preloading
-Config: Added options control usage of FPU/MMX and cache preloading
-Source: Fixed a few minor issues which prevented compilation with NASM 0.98.34
-SRAM: Added support for SRAMs larger than 512kbit – unfortunately, something must be off as nothing requiring it seems to work yet
-SRAM: Fixed a serious bug in support for HiROM SRAM larger than 64kbit
-Render: Fixed a bug which caused 8×8-tile offset change layers without mosaic to not display correctly in mode 4
-Render: Fixed a bug where tile priority was unlikely to behave properly in 8×8-tile offset change layers with mosaic

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