GStaris est un plugin vidéo Playstation 2. Sont rendu utilise l’Open GL et il supporte les émulateur suivants : PCSX2, PS2PE (…) Surement d’autres 🙂 Voici les changements :

* Bug correction with the textured sprite primitives (turnip)
* Added a texture format used by ‘bytheway’ (if i remember well) & ‘soundcheck’ [PSMT4*CSM1*PSMCT32]
* STQ texture coordinate added
* Correction of a silly bug in the XYZ__ registers (hi shadow !)
* Added ‘Display Fps Count’ to display the menu (can be displayed also using Inser)
* Added ‘Polygon Mode’ to choose the polygon draw mode: fill,line,point – for debugging
* Added ‘Stretch Mode’ you know for what 🙂
* Depth test (z) bug correction (3stars,…)
* Fixed fullscreen mode
* Added partial texture function support
* Added a texture format used by ps2mame [PSMT8*CSM1*PSMCT32] – bugged 🙂
* GSprocessTexture function correction (ps2mame) – (hi shadow !)
* IDT (Image Data Transmission) correction – space, turnip (init text)
* Added ‘Resolution’ to choose the resolution
* Snapshot code correction
* Added ‘Force 75 Hz [Fullscreen]’ – can be useful
* Fixed drawSpriteT func (boredom)
* New RGBA code – compatibility is better
* VERY partial alpha blending code
* Added depth test in sprite drawing (drawSpriteZ ; drawSpriteTZ)
* New primitive drawing function selection – faster with some demos
* Complete alpha blending code (buggy)
* Added ‘Enable alpha blending’ to choose beetween the very partial code and the complete code
* And many and many little corrections and optimizations :)…

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