Un émulateur multi-consoles qui émule la Game Boy (N&B/Color), la Game Boy Advance, la nes, la Lynx, la PC Engine…

– Modified the PCE code to only include header files that are needed.
– Fixed a memory leak in the state saving code.
– PCE: Closing HES music files will no longer produce battery-backed RAM files. x_x
– Fixed a memory leak in the state loading code.
– Reduced memory slightly in the text rendering code by using all the bits available in the array(instead of the lower bit of each byte) that tells if a glyph is available or not.
– Modified the internal message display code to allocate and free space for the message being displayed, rather than using a rather small static array.
– PCE: Fixed a small bug that would cause 1/75 second or less of the old CDDA track to play when switching to a new CDDA track.
– PCE: Changed how reads from $0000 are handled, and made vblank occur slightly later in the frame, to fix Valis 1.
– PCE: The CD reset function of $1804 now clears more variables, fixing problems with lockups when using the START+SELECT soft reset in the middle of a data read.
– Finally fixed the endian conversion code so that save states(and netplay) are compatible between big-endian and little-endian systems.
-**NOTE** Save states created in previous versions of Mednafen on big endian platforms(such as OS/X PPC) will no longer work in this version.
– Removed the tech documentation from the source code distribution.
– Truncated the ChangeLog to the first Nintencer release.

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