Avec un peu de retard (du au changement de serveur) on vous annonce la sortie de la nouvelle version de cet excellent mananger de Roms. Voici les améliorations qu’il propose:

– merged exts.ini to urls.ini. New urls.ini syntax (or urls01-01) is:
alias; url; extension like:
CAESAR; http://caesar.logiqx.com/html/emus/multi/mame/; .shtml
Please adjust your ini files

– removed hide missing double (never liked that option)
– advanced options were taken to an own window (advanced-window)
– changed bad dumps options to radio buttons
– advanced fix & advanced check missing move to advanced-window
– button positions changed
– no more 3state checkboxes

– you can hide the lower and/or right part now. Use the little arrow buttons.

– Zip related options were moved to an extra dialog
– Show ROMList bugs were changed to a DatFile Errors (no more 3-state checkboxes)

misc: when backuping files which already exist in the backupfolder, _01 (etc) is added to the backupname (« delete » options only)
misc: changed copy2clipboard -> setheaders format to csv style
misc: changed File-Information Window (About drag&drop)
misc: some minor treecontrol optimizations
added: several missing tooltips (profiler options, dir2dat)

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