Emuloader, Le meilleur Frontend pour MAME vient une nouvelle fois d’être mis à jour, voici les améliorations de cette version « Final »:

– Fixed the Index Out of Bounds error when selecting a WinMAME binary on Emulators Setup screen…. my mistake, sorry
– Fixed practically all access violation errors
– The files mameinfo.dat and history.dat are deleted from MAME Extended Options screen, and are now detected from mame.ini (MAME) and mame.cfg (DOS MAME)
– Huge change on the core. The games are now being read from the virtual list RX
– Library and Flat Components are removed from the project
– The Categories and Versions Added Managers feature is completely removed
– Fixed an access violation on the audit screen, after closing the screen or when exiting the frontend
– Fixed an access violation when the INI folder does not exist, after creating a Game
– Custom Options (WinMAME only)
– A few visual changes and optimizations

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