Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur NeoGeo Pocket N&B/Color dont voici les nombreuses améliorations:

– Fixed « Gals Fighters », thanks to Judge for helping with that one!
– The code is now fully GCC compatible without changes (I hope!).
– Fixed the default colour mode of « Neo-Neo! V1.0 (PD) ».
– Added support for link-up bios calls.
– Removed frameskipping, makes NeoPop FASTER for most people.
– Fixed a crashing bug that occurs at the end of « Card Fighters », thanks to « Mark Ostasiuk Jr » for the saved states.
– Fixed some inconsequential CPU bugs.

Win32 v1.03:
– Added link-up support using TCP/IP. Many games seem to work a little.
Unfortunately many games aren’t very tolerant of bad connections.
Note: the TCP/IP connection itself is persistant and will only
break when you exit or use the disconnect option in the link-up dialog.
So you can change games at will, without breaking the connection.
– Also added full-screen mode, use ‘Esc’/ Alt-Enter to toggle.
– Right click the window to get the recent files as a popup.
– Changing or adding a new joystick is now detected while running.
Open the « Controls » dialog to detect the new configuration.
– Deactivated ‘auto-pause’ to make link-up testing easier.
– Fixed language patching for dialogs.
– Changed the format of the language files and added extra tags.
There is currently no translation support for the link-up menu as it is still subject to change.

Télécharger NeoPOP v0.71/w1.06b (107.3 Ko)

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