Il s’agit de la meilleure version non officielle créé à partir des sources de Final Burn. En plus des jeux Cps1 et 2, FBA émule à présent le système utilisé pour les jeux CPS-3, Toaplan et Cave ainsi que la Neo Geo et le PGM et plus encore (certains drivers se basant sur mame). Les auteurs sont: LoopMaster, Jan_Klaassen, KEV, Mike_Haggar & TrebleWinner. Ce Build est optimisé I686/MMX et destiné à Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

– Added a driver for games on Galaxian hardware, 177 new sets [Barry]
– Added support for insane sample Galaxian sound sample hardware and the various AY8910 interfaces in the Galaxian driver [Barry]
– Moved PPI8255 module to the burn folder so it can be accessed by all drivers [Barry]
– Added support for a third PPI8255 [Barry]
– Added driver for Aquarium [iq_132]
– Added driver for Dark Seal [iq_132]
– Added driver for games on Deniam hardware [iq_132]
– Added driver for games on Midas hardware [iq_132]
– Changed the left and right sound channels in the CPS-3 driver [Barry]
– Fixed the speed-up hacks for Jojo’s Venture [Barry]
– Improved analog controls in the Sega drivers when used with analog devices [Captain CPS-X]
– Added some clones to the Toaplan2 driver [Barry]
– Added some new Phoenix sets to the CPS-2 driver (provided by bonky0013) [Barry]
– Some renames of roms in Neo-Geo decrypted sets as reported by pmc2 [Barry]
– Fixed the aspect ratio in the Arkanoid driver [Captain CPS-X]
– Added support to the Game Information dialog for Select, Versus, How To, Scores, Bosses and Game over previews [Barry]
– Added configurable path support for the above new previews [Barry]
– Fixed issue with selection dialog when clicking filters too fast [Captain CPS-X]
– Added buttons to the selection dialog for tasks in the context-sensitive menu [Captain CPS-X]
– Moved the options in the selection dialog to their own tab [Captain CPS-X]
– Tidied the selection dialog [Captain CPS-X]
– Tidied the rom and support path dialogs and made them less cumbersome [Captain CPS-X]
– Changed the PNG load functions to use PNGlib [Captain CPS-X]
– Added support for loading support files from zips [Captain CPS-X]
– Added filter for Galaxian hardware to the selection dialog [Barry]
– Matched all set to MAME 0.129u3 [Barry]
– nb, the source is now doule-zipped similar to MAME for better compression

Télécharger Final Burn Alpha (x86 NT6) v0.2.97.43 (4.0 Mo)

Télécharger Preview Pack (Titles) v1.0.0.0 (93.9 Mo)

Télécharger Preview Pack (In Game) v1.0.0.0 (142.1 Mo)

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