Roman vient de mettre en ligne le version 2.74 d’un des meilleurs manager de Roms pour MAME et autres, voici les améliorations:

– added: save current settings as default (-> default.cmp file)
– added: progressdialog when restoring old scanresults
– fixed: profiler exefilenamebox is updated only via refresh
– fixed: wrong « rebuilder/scanner merge mode doesn’t match » message
– fixed: iterative foldercreation issue when using UNC paths
– fixed: « Show CRC with leading 0x » status isn’t saved correctly
– misc: new bios sets will be automatically activated
– misc: more detailed message for not correctly setup sysdefault paths
– misc: dir2dat creates datfile crc entries with leading 0x (heya Logiqx :O))
– misc: optimized the « restoring old scanresults » a bit
– misc: don’t touch mameinfo.dat, sysinfo.dat etc. anymore

A noter que c’est le 5 ieme anniversaire de ce superbe freeware.

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