Roman vient de releaser une nouvelle version de son célèbre manager de Roms, voici les nombreuses améliorations:

Complete rewrite of unneeded/wrong placed ROM check
fix of wrong placed files. That’s like an automatic merger within the scanner. Files will be moved to the correct position
you may see the setnames twice in the progess dialog while fixing
detects any kind of necessary move operation + detailed output
wrong placed files won’t be listed as missing anymore
scan-results-output is updated AFTER the last setclone was processed
« wrong merged » message is now a subitem of the set message
now you don’t have to rebuild the backupfolder to readd the misplaced files :O)
you can even use the scanner as merger now
Other Important Stuff
improved setname check (also finds wrong named biossets)
huge tree-show/hide & « Keep ScanResults » speed optimization
scanresults shows « skipped due to zip or sharing error »
settings OK button saves all changed options now :o)

removed unneeded « fixing » message in scanner window title
loaded scanresults-tree-root item is displayed correctly
changed rebuilder’s & scanner’s percent display (99% / 100% issue)
datfile-set-default can use default.cmp OR internal defaults
changed fix-messagebox, progressdialog and statisticswindow a bit
closing fix-messagebox is the same as clicking on STOP
« cleaning up data » uses 2 progress bars
aboutdialog’s default button is OK, not Dir2Dat

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