Des infos sur le développement de cet émulateur de Sony PSP.

As we already promised , pcsp is not dead , still it has been rewritting all these past months. We had some major bottlenecks in our previous implementation of pcsp and with the knowledge we have gained from our work on pcsp , we are here to present the new pcsp 🙂

For all that wondering is pcsp playing commercial games , the answer is NO AT THE MOMENT , but we are getting closer.

All parts of pcsp have been rewritten from scratch and some of them already show better results than previous pcsp implementations.

So far only homebrew are working but soon , we will probably have some progress on commercial games.

For now , i am posting only screenies from Nesterj (a nes emulator for psp) . Games are 100% playable (no sound yet ) . Soon or later there will be more status progress on pcsp so stay tuned 🙂

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