MESS, sur le même principe que MAME, veut devenir L’EMULATEUR multi consoles/ordinateurs de référence.

Skeleton drivers:
– Wang Professional Computer [Anna Wu]
– Boris Diplomat [Sean Riddle, Justin Kerk]
– Apricot FT//ex 486 (J3 Motherboard) [Kaylee]
– Apricot FTs (Panther Rev F 1.02.26) [Kaylee]

System Driver Changes:
-nespal: fixed bug #1394, the driver is back to the correct speed. [Fabio Priuli]
-bullet: Implemented Wave Mate Bullet Revision F hardware, a ROM dump is missing though. [Curt Coder]
-nes: fixed longstanding regression in 4screen mirroring games (e.g. Gauntlet) [Fabio Priuli]
-vic20: Implemented the expansion port. You can now plug in an IEEE-488
cartridge and any of the CBM IEEE floppy/hard drives.
(e.g. mess vic20p -exp ieee488 -exp:ieee488:ieee9 c4040
-flop2 diskimage.d64; SYS 45065; LOAD « $ »,9) [Curt Coder]
-vic20: Emulated the VIC-1110 8K RAM Expansion cartridge. [Curt Coder]
-vic20: Emulated the VIC-1210 3K RAM Expansion cartridge. [Curt Coder]
-vic20: Emulated the VIC-1111 16K RAM Expansion cartridge. [Curt Coder]
-vic20: Emulated the VIC-1211A Super Expander with 3K RAM cartridge. [Curt Coder]
-vic20: Emulated the VIC-1010 Expansion Module. You can now connect up to 6
cartridges using this expander. (e.g. mess vic20p -exp exp -exp:exp:slot1 ieee488
-exp:exp:slot2 8k -exp:exp:slot3 8k -exp:exp:slot4 8k) [Curt Coder]
-lynx: timer changes (fixes a palette change bug in viking child) [Huygens]
xor sprites check if collision processing is enabled (fixes todd’s adventures intro flicker and xenophobe)
added rendering to a secondary bitmap to fix tearing (there’s probably a better way to do this)

Software Lists:
-tiki100.xml: Added software list. [Curt Coder]
-a2600.xml: added a couple of dumps and region compatibility. [Kaylee]

Source Changes:

-i386: Various improvements of cpu core, mostly protected mode related [Carl,Barry Rodewald]
-SoundBlaster: added DMA timer for more realistic IRQ acks, added 0xD0 stop DMA command,
cleaned up DRQ semantics. [R. Belmont]
-floppy: Do specific UI handling [O. Galibert]
-ppu2c0x: converted NES PPU to be a modern device. [Fabio Priuli]
-m68fpu: Accept some more variants of fsave/frestore [O. Galibert]
-flopimg.h: docbookified documentation [balrog]
-floppy: libertarian relicensing [O. Galibert]
-m4510: initialize the input callback too [O. Galibert]

Télécharger MAME(MESS) [32 bits] v0.209 (40,3 Mo)

Télécharger MAME(MESS) [64 bits] v0.209 (40,4 Mo)

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