Il s’agit d’un émulateur multi-systèmes émulant les consoles NES, Sega Master System, SG-1000, Game Gear, PC-Engine (TurboGrafx-16) / CD-ROM, SuperGrafx, TI-83 Calculator, Sega Genesis, Gameboy…
Il utilise des fonctions d’enregistrement vidéo et est relié au projet TasVideo.


Uses much less CPU power when paused

handle # in paths

fix how anchoring works in the message config dialog

Cheat Window, Ram Watc, Lua Console – fix exception when clicking Move Up on the first item in the list.


Multiple scripts at once support

Fix random crashing/closing of emulator when using emu.frameadvance()

Show lua script errors in output window instead of crashing the emulator















emu.yield(), allows a script to run while emulation is paused and interact with the gui/main window in realtime


joypad.get() – now returns lua table of buttons pressed (not mneomnic string)

gui.text()/gui.alert() now have optional anchor property, fix not displaying when paused, fix y coordinate bug

console GUI:

add a *.txt option in the openfile dialog, allow drag & drop of .txt files

track session changes

menu options:

disable lua scripts on load

autoload session

Added Pause Property To Scripts, Menu Option To Pause/Resume Scripts, Shows number of paused scripts

If User Opens A Script That Is Currently On The Session, It Will Toggle It On.

If User Deletes The Script From The Session, It Will Stop.

Script Counter Now Updates On More Circumstances.

Fix saving/loading of sessions

Fix so session saves seperators, can´t edit separators

Edit opens all selected scripts instead of the first one

Drag & Drop for lua sessions

Save Session Menu Option now Enable/Disable correctly

Increase/Decrease Window Size hotkeys (mapped to Alt+Up/Alt+Down by default)

Add options in record dialog for the system ID to be added to file

Removed .fm2 / .mc2 from the Play Movie dialog.

Fix TAStudio ArgumentOutOfRangeException at read-only movie end

Record movie dialog – if file already exists, confirm overwrite

Small GUI Fixes to play movie dialog


TODO: link and mention number of tests passed

pass 10-even_odd_timing and 05-nmi_timing accuracy tests

pass more apu_test 4-jitter and 6-irq_flag_timing (necessary for timing on other tests)

pass all cpu interrupt tests

pass all sprite hit tests

make fake boards for almost every mapper

fix nametable viewer screenshots garbage pixels off by one bug

nametable viewer – add shortcut buttons for common display area sizes


Fix ( and ) hotkeys being switched [/CODE]

Télécharger BizHawk (x86) (XP/Vista) v1.13.2 (25.3 Mo)

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