Nouvelle release de cet excellent utilitaire pour gĂ©rer vos roms. Je vous propose la version en .exe car le download du fichier zip ne se fait pas correctement 🙁

– Added: scanner popup menu quick rebuilder recompress/remove source option access.
– Added: statistics will be kept in profile (for logfile saving without scanning)
– Added: timeout message when checking for an update
– Fixed: saving a changed backupfolder in default.cmp
– Fixed: wrong rom messages when working on circular renames
– Misc: speed optimization when checking md5 AND crc32 for unzipped files
– Misc: export md5 tags only when at least one set uses md5s
– Misc: changed the fix size function (no more timeouts)
– Misc: ‘add description to miss/have’, ‘hide scanner’, ‘auto savelog’ were made global
– Misc: bad dump handling’s default value is now: hide missing
– Misc: window will be put to the front after updatecheck
– Misc: autoupdate doesn’t use globalatoms anymore

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