Clrmame Pro, le meilleur manager de roms vient d’être mit à jours et voici les améliorations:

fixed: little diskimage lookup failure
fixed: missing warningswindow message when auto-fix-bad zipstructure failed (e.g. due to read-only media)
moved: long operation (integrity checks, etc) messages -> warningswindow
moved: full zip integrity check was moved to the checksum dialog (so checksum and crc32 options have to be enabled) check-status is shown in the progress dialog
misc: settings->paths can be manually edited by single-click
misc: several scanning/fixing/integrity check window title updates
misc: several internal trimming and backuppath code changes
removed: advaced scanner option: delete useless zipsubdir structure (It’s enabled by default now…remember: it’s just a useless zipstructure entry…not a real subfolder)

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