Nouvelle release de la version Dos de RockNES, il s’agit encore une fois d’une grosse update :

– Fixed PPU pattern writes (not allowed for games with CHR ROM, whoops);
– Fixed mapper #15 (100-in-1 Contra works);
– Fixed mapper #44 (Super 7-in-1);
– Fixed mapper #227 (1200-in-1, wrong 32k selection);
– Fixed mapper #229 (31-in-1);
– Fixed mapper #234 (Maxi 15, graphics are ok);
– Proper mapper #90 state loading;
– Changed cpu dumping file from nes6502.dmp to nes6502.log;
– Made a lot of internal changes and optimized the loading/reset procedures;
– Major cleanups and junk code remotion.

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