Ce fameux émulateur « PC+Dos » vient d’être mis à jour, voici les améliorations :

– CPU : Added support for 386 address lookup prefix and changed the cycles/millsecond handling.
– VGA : Support for split screen, doubling of width/height and fixes for scrolling.
– DOS : Lot’s of fixes with FCB’s, some fixes to file handling under linux and builtin ANSI.SYS support now.
– TIMER : New cpu cycles allow much more accurate timing and fixed a big bug in the PUT emulation.
– MOUSE : Fixes with highres modes and support for games changing the mouse speed.
– DISNEY : Added support for the disney sound source.
– DEBUG : More types of breakpoints added.
– Lot’s of other small additiions and fixes to Shell,Bios,Joystick,XMS and EMS.

Télécharger DOSBox v0.74-3 (1.4 Mo)

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