Bobby a mit à jour sa page Unmamed :

– Added link to PatchMAME, Widel’s Pac-Man HW games, and Arcade Flyers.
– Removed link to DBZ2. That game just doesn’t want to go away!
– Updated Top Gunner, Dead Angle, Halley’s Comet, Capcom ZN Hardware, Mutant Fighter/Death Brade, Dark Seal 2, Great Gurianos.
– Added pictures for Surround, B Rap Boys, and the early Atari games.
– Added After the War, Megaphoenix, Perestroika Girls, and Atlantic City Action.
– Removed Dynasty since it was apparently confused with a mechanical machine called Destiny Horoscope.
– Added Mortal Kombat 4, Wayne Gretzky and NFL Blitz. Added Clean Sweep, Anti-Aircraft, LeMans and Steeplechase to no-CPU games.

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