Roman vient d’updaté son manager de roms, voici les améliorations:

added: profiler->create subfolder, profiler->move datfile which also moves/creates the belonging datfile/fastscan/scans files (both options are available via popup menu)
added: warningswindow message for obsolete CRC32 integrity checks
added: (readded by request) ‘mark useless zipfolderstructs as unneeded’ option
added: several new messages for corrupt/shared/skipped diskimages (instead of showing just a ‘missing diskimage’)
fixed « hide / show bad dump » options
fixed: miss-list includes fake clones (natodefa) & counts the files correctly
misc: profiler->delete can also remove folders
misc: profiler->create can put an exe-based datfile in a selectable subfolder
misc: recompress option moved back to rebuilder main window
misc: revised cancel checks for « fix missing scans all sets »
misc: revised scanner->drag&drop rules & destinationfolder initilization
misc: scanresults are also kept when using ESC key
misc: source cleanup (decreasing cachefilesize a bit as well)
misc: ‘delete incomplete sets’ includes sets with bad crc32s, too
misc: don’t show « romfolder xyz matches setname » warning for 1-set-datfiles (like marquees, snaps, flyers, etc.)

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