Ciro a mis en ligne une nouvelle version du meilleur frontend pour mame, voici les améliorations:

• Finally fixed the sort columns bug, when changing columns order!!! 😀
• Squashed a lot of memory leaks, but I think that there are more
• ST-V Bios was not being correctly audited when auditing all games or available games
• A few visual bugs

• The last selected game information on EmuLoader.ini now have the game name, instead of an index position
This fixes a bug in which sometimes, EL could not restore the last selected game correctly on initialization
• Favorites lists are changed once again
The lists will not contain the full game info anymore, just the name of the game and its parent game. This allow more control over the list, but it’s slightly slower to load (milliseconds only)
Note: if you don’t want to create your favorites lists all over again, you need to update your favorites .dat files with the « UpdateFavoritesDAT » utility, available on the homepage. Do NOT update your games .dat files with this utility
• Category, Version Added, Custom Category and Custom Description are now loaded dynamically
They are not saved on the .dat files anymore. This allow more control over those fields, but the load will be slightly slower (milliseconds only)
Note: if you don’t want to create your games list all over again, you need to update all your .dat files with the « UpdateGamesDAT » utility, available on the homepage. Do NOT update your favorites lists with this utility
• Parental Lock is not available anymore when viewing a favorites games list
• Frontend is now compile with the new version of Graphics32 v1.5
• Bios files can be executed as any other game
• Core updated to support MAME 0.64 changes

• Main menu options:
– Total Play Time
– Selected Game Total Play Time
– Update Games Descriptions
– Update Games Categories
• Custom Games Manager
This feature had to be removed due to changes in frontend’s core

• Removed a lot of duplicated code
• Translation routines are faster and safer

• Two new columns (they are loaded dynamically):
Played – how many times did you played a game ?
Time Played – how much time did spent playing a game ? Time format: 0:00:00:00 (days:hours:minutes:seconds)
Note that the info is on GamePlayTime.ini file, not on games lists (.dat files)
• New filter for the preview images: Lanczos
It makes images look sharper and clearer than the other filter, but it’s slower

[Update]: Ciro vient de sortir une version fixé de son Front End, en effet la version 3.5 plantait, une version 3.5 Fix fait donc son apparition. Nous vous proposons EL3.5 plus le Fix dans le même Zip, le Fix est à ajouter en dernier après avoir installé complètement le Front End. by Jets

Télécharger Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2 Fix2 (597.6 Ko)

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