JoyToKey est un émulateur de clavier pour les joysticks. Il convertit les contrôles clavier (et souris). Utilisez-le lorsque vous désirez contrôler une application qui ne supporte pas les contrôles joystick. Vous pouvez même contrôler Word, Excel, etc. !


– Support « Button Number Mapping »

    Example Usage1: Swap button numbers if the connected joystick has a different layout from your favorite one.
    Example Usage2: Associate Button21 with Button1 so that both functions are triggered when Button1 is pressed.
    Example Usage3: It is also possible to configure some button (e.g. Button22) to be triggered when both Button5 and Button6 are pressed simultaneously.

– If some buttons are pressed when profile is changed or SHIFT function is triggered, those button press are likely to trigger both old and new assignments right before/after the switch.
– It is now possible to define certain duration (e.g. 100 msec) to ignore those inputs right after the switch (from preference menu)
– When both mouse cursor movement and mouse click are assigned to a button, click&hold will be processed before cursor movement.
– Improved the reliability after resuming from PC sleep.
– Preferences were moved from menu items to a separate window.
– Added an ability to specify the number of buttons to configure.
– Changed the user interface font to Calibri
– Configuration files are now saved in Unicode format (UTF8+BOM). This may fix garbled character issues for the use of non-default language.


Télécharger JoyToKey v5.5 (814,0 Ko)

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