Nouvelle version du frontend préféré de Jets (qui fête ses 3 ans !)
avec les nouveautés suivantes :
– finally the frontend can really detect corrupted .ZIP files, without lock-ups!!!
This bug was being caused by the component ZipForge. If you compile your own version of Emu Loader, make sure to use « ZipForge v2.01 » or the problem will persist…
– when viewing preview images, if the .zip file is damaged, by changing the picture type, the image was not being updated
– when creating, refreshing or auditing games, corrupted files are correctly handled
– games could not be added into favorites lists
– games could not be deleted from favorites lists, generating an « index out of bounds » error

Télécharger Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2 Fix2 (597.6 Ko)

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