Dave n’est pas mort, j’en veut pour preuve Final Burn qui vient d’être updaté !!!
[Note d’Eric] Ca sera que le 500ième retour de Dave :).

Voici les améliorations notables :

+ Added sound emulation to Out Run
+ Added road emulation to Out Run
+ Added Altered Beast (preliminary)
+ Added Golden Axe (preliminary)
+ Added Shinobi (preliminary)
+ Updated Zip loading code to ZLib 1.1.4
+ Added Strike Fighter (preliminary)
+ Added a preliminary trainer function
+ Added dynamic multiply port support (Final Fight, SF2 etc)
+ Added dynamic board ID support (Final Fight, SF2 etc)
+ Added high background tile support
Fixes priority problems in Final Fight, Forgotten Worlds, Ghouls ‘N’ Ghosts, Magic Sword, Megaman, Street Fighter Zero (CPS Changer), Strider and U.N. Squadron.
+ Added Knights of the Round
+ Added U.N. Squadron
+ Added Strider Hiryu (Japanese version)
+ Added Capcom Sports Club
+ Added Forgotten Worlds
+ Added 1941
+ Added Mercs
+ Added Magic Sword
+ Added Marvel Vs. Capcom
+ Added Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha
+ Added Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara
+ Added Armored Warriors
+ Added Battle Circuit
+ Added Street Fighter Alpha 3

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