oh un mame wip… même pas de blagues ?

en tout cas, ca rassemble tous les Haze et Arbee wip vu ces jours-ci:

– 2003-03-31: Luca Elia sent in a driver for Maya. Paul Priest integrated the drawgfx updates and Acho’s shadows/highlights updates. Brad Oliver fixed several minor bugs that affected big-endian systems.

– 2003-03-30: R. Belmont enabled the shadows in Konami System GX driver and tilemap alpha blending in the Mystic Warriors driver. David Haywood fixed flickering sprites in Metamorphic Force, graphics layer offsets in several games in both the Mystic Warriors and Konami System GX drivers. Acho A. Tang added the infrastructure support for 3 independent colored shadows/highlights as required by the Konami games, and he cracked the protection in Violent Storm. The improvements also allow Twinbee Yahhoo to be fully playable now. Phil Stroffolino sent in a beta version of drawgfx with z-buffer support.

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