Roman vient de mêttre à jour son célèbre manager de roms.
Comme d’habitudes les améliorations sont nombreuses:

misc: lots of minor source changes (md5, wordparser, cachefiles + set-structures….)
misc: partially added diskimage support (check options are currently disabled)
misc: rebuilder warning when no addpaths are available & ‘use addpaths’ is used
misc: rom/samplenames with or / will be parsed correctly. This isn’t the subfolder support yet…but a start 😛
misc: zipped-dat-selector also accepts double-clicks to add the file
misc: updates to several « 0-crcs » stuff: changeable textcolor, new message, new icon, fixed show-missing-0crc toggle
misc: minor gui changes
misc: disabling rebuilder->zip files disables the « recompress » button as well
misc: settings->export datfile export uses the current datfile header information
misc: optimized the quick fix missing option (fast crc32 match)
misc: unneeded masks are also applied on unneeded sets
fixed: « set » + « unneeded » check didn’t list unneeded non-zipped files

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