Nouvelle version de ce Frontend unique, qui permet de représenter en 3D les bornes de jeux, ainsi de se promener dans une salle d’arcade virtuelle pour choisir son jeu.
Un poil difficile à configurer, mais ça peut en valoir la peine.

ça jette, hein ?

-Renewed index based list core, resulting in more even access times to all items in any sized list, which for example makes spinning in the cylarcade more fluent. Also as there is no need for rebuilding the gamelist anymore after filtering, all of these operations are now without any noticable delay.
-Several enhancements to the internal point and click configuration utility.
-Added an option to arcade configuration files to use the a name of a gamelist entry instead of the position in the gamelist to retrieve positions for the games in the fpsarcade.
-Assign a gamelist in a selectionset as the favorites list and add and remove dynamically items from it.
-Gamelists can now be automatically filtered when they get selected. For example useful for filtering out adult games etc.
-Added support to the skins for showing a title text sprite showing the descriptive name of the current gamelist.
-Added support to the skins for showing a bitmap logo sprite for the current gamelist.
-The texture overlay menu type now supports all jump, search and filter options of the frontend. Especially with the arcgategl variant you now have a complete frontend in a frontend 😉
-The number of items on a texture overlay menu page can now be adjusted in the arcade cfg files.
-Added the option to save the current gamelist in its current (filtered) state to the configuration utility.
-Truncate game names using any character to enhance the look of gamelists. ie when using ( as the truncate character Galaga (set 1) will show as Galaga.
-The internal mameparser now updates the cfglistsfavorites.atf list instead of replacing it using utilitiesfeparserfav.txt. It will now also keep any non mame gamelist entrys in it.
-The handling of skinsets is now more logical. When you select a new selset or gamelist and a new skinset is found the fe will now always use the first skin from the set. If no new skinset is found or it does not get changed then the fe will keep using the skin from the set it had been using before the new selset or gamelist was selected. Useful for rotating monitors or cocktail cabs to associate selsets or gamelists with monitor orientations automatically.
-When the gamelist has not changed switching back from cylarcade to fpsarcade is now much faster just like it allready was while switching back from the listbox.
-In the info screen the fe looks again for videos (any format quicktime supports) in the dummysqt folder for romof and clonof matches after no match was made the normal way.
-Added a check for quicktime to the info screen. The fe can now function without any external dependencies.
-Updated the basic filterset for mame and changed the field numbering to make it consistent with other options that look into gamelist fields.
-See upgrading tps.txt for how to use the new options…

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