Voici une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Sinclair ZX Spectrum, en voici les nouveautés:

– New: Optional link of boot on loading SCL or TRD file
– New: TacktsMeter for calculate timing periods (idea by Spectre)
– New: Improved timing of VG93 commands
– New: TZX Reader: Full support of Select block
– New: TAP and TZX files can be loaded from command line
– BugFix: TR-DOS suicide on switching RAM pages (128k Magic files)
– BugFix: LD Ir,(nn) incorrect timing (Bart Simpsons DI-HALT)
– BugFix: TZX Reader: PureTone block (many TZX tape images)
– BugFix: TZX Reader: PureData block (WecLeMans 128 don’t load)
– BugFix: VG93: ReadSector command (Unreal megademo by KSA)

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