MESS a été mis à jour dans sa version Win32…

System Driver Changes :

– [A2600/A5200/COLECO/COCO/INTV/MSX/SNES/VECTREX] Added support for new
GoodTools file extensions. (bugs #277, #278, #279, #350) [Nate Woods]
– [C16/VC20] Fixed crashes in quickloader. [Nate Woods]
– [C16] Improved TED7360 sound emulation. [Attila Grosz]
– [COCO] Added direct support for OS-9 floppy disk images. If an attached disk’s
filename ends in .os9, the first sector will be analyzed for geometry
information. [Tim Lindner]
– [COCO] Scaled the joystick port to 64 quanta rather than 256. (bug #340)
[Tim Lindner]
– [COCO] Fixed bug #359. [Nate Woods]
– [MAC] Improved mouse emulation when moving diagonally. [Raphael Nabet]
– [MC10] Fixed bug #358. [Nate Woods]
– [PC200] Replaced generic character ROM with one reconstructed using CGAFont.
[John Elliott]
– [PC1512] Replaced generic character ROM with one reconstructed using CGAFont.
[John Elliott]
– [PC1640] Added definition for the character ROM in ROM_LOAD structure.
[Stefano Priore]
– [PDP1] Added support for lightpen with variable tip size. [Raphael Nabet]
– [TI99] Added support for new disk geometries (9 sec/trk DSSD, 16 sec/trk SSDD,
16 sec/trk DSDD). [Raphael Nabet]
– [TOOLS] Added CGAFont, a tool to help people reconstructing PC character ROMs
without using an EPROM reader. [John Elliott]

Source Changes :

– The core is based on MAME 0.67. This incorporates all features of the
update to this core. [MAME team]
– VIDEO_UPDATE() now has a do_skip parameter, which enables drivers to inform
the core that no significant drawing has occured, and it is safe to skip
blitting the current frame. [Nate Woods]
– [Windows] New -writeconfig option, that causes the current settings to be
written back to an INI on exiting the emulation. [Nate Woods]
– [Windows] SSE optimizations to the blitter. [Nate Woods]
– [Windows] Fixed bug #344. [Nate Woods]
– [Windows UI] Fixed bug #348. [Nate Woods]
– [Windows UI] Changes made to mounted devices at runtime will now be persist
between emulation sessions. (bug #228) [Nate Woods]

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