Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Playstation dont voici les nouveautés:

* Added translation support, thanks to Zydio.
* Fixed several compatibility issues.
* Improved NetPlay code, added NETsetInfo, thanks to JNS.
* Fixed SW Ints, thanks to Xeven.
* Fixed Mdecs timing issues, thanks to Xeven.
* Fixed a bug related to Memcards in Xenogears.
* Decode_XA.c now uses fixed point,
added NEGCON type to plugins.c/PsxBios.c,
and add a mingw32 port (yokota).
* Added preliminary MacOSX code (Stefhane Conversy).
* Fixed bug in CreateMcd (kitaro).
* Added a ‘NO PIC’ image.
* Pcsx now compiles without a recompiler.
* Same small speedups.
* Fixed RTPS/RTPT SXYP fifo issue, thanks to Xeven.
* VSync now has a Start and a End ;), thanks to Pete.

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