Nouvelle version de cet excellent mananger de roms, en voici les nouveautés:

– misc: major scanner speed increase and scanner cpu usage lowering
– misc: missing biosfiles aren’t shown in each single set when ‘allow separate bios roms’ is disabled
– misc: save-fixdatfile includes wrong checksums
– misc: some more internal checksumroutines cleanup
– misc: some ‘0-crcs’ strings replaced with ‘nodumps’
– misc: statistics shows number of ‘baddumps’
– misc: ‘missing or wrong named BIOS Set’ renamed to ‘Problem in BIOS Set’
– misc: datfile format change nodump/baddump to flag nodump/baddump
– misc: ‘old paper’ button bar is now standard
– misc: ‘deeper check for fixable missing files’ option won’t look for missing biosfiles in each set (depends on ‘allow separate bios roms’) (it IS called for the BIOS set itself of course)
– fixed: rare sha1 issue when scanning romsets with chds (showing a correct sha1 as wrong)
– fixed: useless ‘wrong sysdefpath’ message when keeping
– diskimages roms/chds separated and roms are missing.
– fixed: some filesharing issues

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