Nouvelle version pour cet excellent manager de roms.

added: XML datfile / MAME XML -listinfo (or whatever) output support
added: scanner advanced dupes check for sets which are in one or more rom/samplepaths
added: datfile check/fix for the ‘chinagat issue’. It’s about ‘nodump’ roms but where a valid checksum is given for it within its parent/clone relationships. ClrMamePro can overwrite the ‘nodump’ with that found checksum. The file will still be listed as ‘baddump’ when the adv- scanner option ‘show baddump & inverted crcs’ is enabled. That new handling avoids any replacements with dummy files. If a scan now reports errors for your files, you’re using dummyfiles and you should replace them. So simply click on ‘yes’ when ClrMamePro cleans up the datfile 😉 In MAME 3 sets are currently effected: chinagat, saiyugou and omega.
misc: rebuilder doesn’t rebuild biossets when ‘separate biossets’ is disabled.
misc: ‘rebuilder->skip when file exists in rompath’ test isn’t used when current destination matches currently tested rompath.
misc: some scanner code cleanup…scanner gets a bit faster
misc: little rebuilder speedup for dats which use ‘baddump’ tags instead of ~crc32s and for dats which don’t use any ‘nodumps’ (0-crc32s).
fixed: ‘logfile saved successfully’ message isn’t shown

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