Voici la nouvelle version de cet émulateur MSX dont les améliorations sont les suivantes:

– sprite colour table fix (xmas demo 2002 works perfect now), removed disk logging, fixed,
– some game controls refused to work with the mouse in port 1, fixed,
– fixed a bug with ASCII MegaROM mappers, games like Animal Land, Ikari, Hole in 1 Special, Eggerland 2, and several others are working now,
– support for several unique memory types: Cross Blaim, Harry Fox Yki No Maoh, R-Type, Super Lode Runner, Holy Qu’ran, and the pirate Korean multigame ROMs,
– the default configuration set was updated a little bit: removed several subslotted slots,
– from now on, NLMSX is released with a ROM database, located in the ‘DB’ directory. Known ROMs will be auto detected to their specific mapper type,
– Sunrise MoonSound support. As this is the first version of NLMSX with MoonSound, it is not yet as good as on a real MSX. You can get the wavetable ROM here, put it in the ‘ROMS’ directory for it to work.

Télécharger NLMSX 0.48 (1,0 Mo)

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