Nouvelle version de MorphGear, un émulateur Multi-Consoles proposant 3 modules: PCEngine, Genesis, Snes. En voici les améliorations:

Major updates to the sound code. This affects all modules and all builds. Hopefully this will correct the known issues with audio on Pocket PC 2003 devices without introducing any altered behavior on the other platforms. One important thing to note, audio in the GBA and Genesis modules will be broken up if you’re not achieving 60 frames per second of emulation. I was using a looping method before to try to fill the sound buffers with enough audio to eliminate the breaks, but this was not only incorrect, it used up additional CPU cycles. I hope to implement an alternate solution for those two modules soon. In the mean time, most users will want to disable audio in those two modules if they’re not able to maintain high enough emulation rates to keep the sound buffers full.

Télécharger MorphGear v2.4.0.9 (2,5 Mo)

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