Quickplay est un grand frontend multi-système incluant des fonctions avancées pour Mame, Virtual Tree, Emu-Finder, un système IPS, Mirroring de répertoire, support Zip pour les émulateurs ne le supportant pas et beaucoup d’autres choses.


– updated defaults system list and default extensions for systems
– various efind tweaks to support mame-mess-retroarch
– Retroarch non-mess emus renamed to fit better with mess
– set of efinds for mess-related uis
– fixup type namings
– fixed error in updates script
– real icons set to small icons
– add folder location to softlists, you can mass-edit to get real icons
– Made an embedded systems romdata for mame-mess, « the batman » is back!
– corrected redirect, MESS now included
– readmes for the softlists
– add sourcecode for movers
– fixed welcome description of utils menu


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