Nouvelle version de ce gestionnaire de roms pour MAME dont voici les nouveautés :

* fixed: ‘move wrong placed file’ is performed even when you selected ‘no’ or ‘no to all’
* fixed: profile red/green toggles fails sometimes after a scan while fastscan toggles it correctly
* fixed: several rc dat import issues…and increased the importspeed
* fixed: rc datfile information aren’t displayed correctly in the profiler (exporting them fails, too)
* misc: dir2dat settings can be stored/loaded
* misc: setinfo window lists biosset information, too
* misc: ‘cleanup datfile’ detects and reports not used biossets
* misc: reduced some of the datfile cleanup information
* misc: red/green status of a profile is also toggled by missing diskimages
* misc: datfilecleanup->merging between different systems lists used biossets
* misc: homepage, version and email strings are now stored in version.ini
* misc: update.dll uses information from version.ini

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