Nouvelle version pour ce Front End destiné (à la base) à Mame dont voici les nouveautés:

– Added basic support for ePSXe the playstation emulator. (use the Emu-Finder wizard to get it working easily)
– Added run random game from this folder, and run random game from any folder.
– New option to turn off the -rompath parameter for MAME. only enable this option if you have valid MAME.ini rom paths entered. If you are not sure – leave this option unchecked or your games will not run.
– MAME scan form now saves previous entered data and new option to retain users custom data with scan (slower) or just erase custom data (fast)
– Scan dialog has been altered, you now now scan multiple directories at once.
– Quickplay now stores a Clones Parent, and also you now use this Parent ROM in any Media searchs. (See tools/preferences/ and the check box in the media search panel)
– Quickplay will now remember if it closed maximised and will open maximised next time its run.
– Updated Game Type list to reflect new additions in CatVer.ini file.
– Various bug fixes

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