pfeMame (écrit par Gareth Finch) est un frontend pour MAME, écrit en Python. Il est multiplateforme (testé sur Linux – Ubuntu et Windows). Il comprend également une interface graphique destinée aux MameCab qui permet le contrôle à l’aide de joystick / manette.



– Default size of the window is now a bit smaller so that on startup it works on laptops with smaller screens.
– You can now resize the window the application will take advantage of the extra space (you would not believe how long it took me to get this right)
– Systems programs MUST now be put in the ROMS folder, not a separate systems folder. This is how MAME expects it.
– The systems folder path is now no longer used and will be removed in a future release.
– Database refresh takes longer now as it parses the systems HASH (XML) files. If found it creates a short for the system program. When you run the program it uses the short name – this is required for system cheat support (e.g. SNES cheats using cheat.simple file).
– You can right click a system program and select to run without the short name – needed as some home computer files (mostly tape and disk) don’t seem to work with the short name (Not sure if this is my problem or not)
– The game information is updated VERY fast – notable improvement on slower systems and you can see that the scroll speed is greatly improved.


Télécharger pfeMame (32 bits) v2.3.2 (17.1 Mo)

Télécharger pfeMame (64 bits) v1.008 (12.5 Mo)

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