Ciro a décider d’arrêter le développement de son célèbre Front End principalement destinée à Mame c’est à dire: EmuLoader. En effet il n’a plus le temps de s’en occuper, peut être reprendra t’il le développement mais pas avant longtemps, voici ce qu’il dit:

I regret to announce that the development of my frontends are now officially undead…

Yes, you read it right, undead. This means that I don’t know when or if I will resume their development. Emu Loader, Visual MSX and EmuCon will be put old hold for a very long time.
I might take a whole year…

It turned out that I’ve lost interested in emulators, mainly because they are slow and I don’t have fun playing them, but most of all, I need to « put my feet into reality », and start to think on my life. It has been fun tho.

My big thanks to all those kind souls who supported this frontend… friends, countryman, MAMErs! »

I wish you all nothing but the best.

PS.: if someone wants to contine its development, be my guest

Ciro Alfredo Consentino

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