Dernière version béta de cette machine virtuelle Atari ST/TT/Falcon.

Direct Linux-m68k loading with integrated LILO
MIDI output to a file
HostFS cleaned up again (you must upgrade your HOSTFS.DOS driver)
SCSI emulation introduced which simplifies the harddisk driver installation greatly
STOP CPU instruction fixed to work properly (no more shaky mouse under EmuTOS and FreeMiNT)
Native access to host’s CD/DVD-ROM using BetaDOS BOS NatFeat CDROM driver
Various little updates in README, FAQ and doc/documentation.txt
Literally tons of bugfixes and improvements (fVDI, JIT, XHDI, portability)

Télécharger GEX (Français) 0.9.7 (121,7 Ko)

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