CemUI est une interface graphique pour Cemu créé sous NodeJS et Electron. Il permet une foule de possibilités.


– Fixed (worked around) bug causing combined roms would be filtered out
– Fixed bug with invalid cache version on first install
– Many misc bug fixes/optimizations
– Working settings sidebar
– Full SMMDB integration
– SMM (Super Mario Maker) course displaying/basic editing/uploading (to SMMDB)
– Flux theme (new default)
– Ability to load in custom themes
– Multi-cemu instance support and adding/removal
– Multi-game folder support and adding/removal
– WiiU game downloading and decryption (CemUI is now all-in-one) (decryption handled by CDecrypt due to legal reasons)
– Cemu 1.11-esque update and DLC auto installation (designed for use on pre-1.11 Cemu versions, as Cemu 1.11 has this functionality built in)



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