Nouvelle version pour ce front end destiné à Mame dont voici les améliorations:

– Fixed issue where very large fonts would be cut off vertically.
– You can now use linebreaks in the ROM comment field without it crashing QuickPlay
– Try again to sort out the minimising problems!
– Migration wizard now changes the emulators working directory.
– added Enter shortcut to launch ROMs.
– Wont crash when invalid icons are put in the icons directory. An invalid icon is usually when a bitmap has been renamed to a .ico
– Now you can edit the name of the emulator in the EmuFinder results list
– Added ability to use the ‘#’ character in parameter strings to indicate you don’t want a space before/after the commandline
– Updated the zipmaster component and ZIP dll.
– Run ROM dialog has gone through some internal changes (and been re-ordered)
command-line can now be copied to clipboard by right-clicking.
– Upgraded the commandline output for the runrom dialog
– Added option to choose the extraction directory.

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