QPC2 est un excellent émulateur de Sinclair QL. Il dispose de SMSQ/E, son propre système d’exploitation, compatible QL, qui apporte des fonctionnalités supplémentaires par rapport au système d’origine. L’archive inclut QPCdemo.win.



Les changements sont les suivants :
– Implemented IOF.LOAD and IOF.SAVE in IP driver
– Fixed some errors in IP driver (thanks to Wolfang Lenerz)
– Fixed setting of file dates in DOS device
– Fixed KEYROW value of left Ctrl key (Windows keyboard driver)

– Completely rewrote DOS device in C
– Fixed a problem in the DOS device in conjunction with filenames with a space at the end
– Finally implemented RENAME support for DOS devices on Windows Vista and above!
– Respect « Keep aspect ratio » when going into fullscreen mode. This prevents double pixels
on screens that are not divisible by 8 in x direction (e.g. 1366×768)
– Workaround for Windows problems with COM10 and higher
– Fixed SER_GETPORT$ for COM10 and higher
– Fixed formating DD floppy images
– Changed KEYROW to return 0 when QPC is not active (Windows driver)
*** Needs at least SMSQ/E V3.26

– Fixed zero flag handling in ADDX.L, SUBX.L and NEGX.L (thanks to Wolfgang Lenerz).
– Fixed zero flag handling in NBCD and memory variants of ABCD and SBCD.
– Fixed edge cases in flag handling of ASR, LSL.
– Changed SBCD to also conform to a real CPU when one or both operands are not BCD.


Télécharger QPC2 v4.0.5.10 (2,8 Mo)

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