Nouvelle version de ce très bon utilitaire pour manager vos roms, en voici les améliorations:

– New plugin programming interface. This will improve current snes plugin.
– Display Plugin comment in ‘info’ column
– Logiqx DatUtil version 1.26
– Show number of duplicates (ex: ‘duplicates (3)’)
– New ‘rebuild all’ function.
– New translation engine. You can now entirely translate romcenter and test it yourself. See download page.

– Some ‘Duplicates’ problems
– Database node not deployed when starting rc
– Horizontal autoscroll in left and right view
– Wrong default path when adding rom path
– Pb when using root rompath
– ‘Bad name’ detection when using plugins
– Search function now search game name and rom name.
– Attempt to fix the crash on widows ME by joining the shfolder.dll (6.0.2800.1106) with the distribution.

Télécharger RomCenter v3.7.1 (21,6 Mo)

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