Un excellent manager de roms à l’instar de clrmame et Romcenter. Romulus est capable d’importer les dats de RomCenter et clrmame (ancien format et format xml), les fichiers offlinelist et Mess. Il gère les roms non compressées ou compressées en zip, rar ou 7z. Il supporte également le Torrentzip. Il peut également importer un dat à partir de l’exécutable de Mame, générer des rapports ou des statistiques… Depuis la version 0.19, une exclusivité (!), il est pourvu d’un module communautaire dont l’objectif est le partage de fichiers à la manière d’un ftp client comme flashfxp.
Il dispose également d’un navigateur intégré, d’un localisateur de DATS, supporte les CHD de Mame…


Les changements:

– ADDED a speed hack at rebuild files when trying to check duplicated checksums.
– ADDED Message question when trying to close Romulus.
– ADDED A description modification mask for Offlinelist profiles. Thanks to xlmldh.
– ADDED Simplifed chinese and Traditional chinese language by xlmldh.
– ADDED Detection of OS region China or Taiwan to set Simplified/Traditional chinese as default language at first run.
– ADDED Forze MD5 and/or SHA-1 message in log at profiles that needs it because has not enought CRC32 information.
– ADDED Detection of « No Sets information DATs » displaying this message and not an error reading DAT.
– ADDED Support for DOSCenter based DATs. More info at http://www.totaldoscollection.org/DOSCenter/
– ADDED to Community a basic module to connect to Romulus server with communications using private or public chats and 256bits encryption.
– FIXED File writing problems in some cases.
– FIXED Problems deleting files inside 7zip archives created with old 7zip versions.
– FIXED Displaying DATE and TIME values ignoring your system configuration.
– FIXED RTF encoding problems with « \ » char used in exportation to Word format.
– FIXED When found a dupe rom and must be stored in same ZIP file.
– FIXED Problems with downloadfile function inside threads.
– FIXED Problems extracting DATs from mame based EXE.
– FIXED Problems displaying menus information on asian Windows versions. Thanks to xlmldh.
– FIXED Updating Offlinelist profiles using the Offlinelist updater of Scanner option.
– FIXED Transparences and displaying images of buttons in Windows XP. Thanks to xlmldh.
– FIXED Problems launching emulators with unicode params.Thanks to xlmldh.
– FIXED WindowsXP and Vista commandline encoding problems. Thanks to xlmldh.
– FIXED Problems with current working directory of emulators when launching emulators. Thanks to xlmldh.
– FIXED Encoding DATs detection for imporation. Thanks to xlmldh.
– FIXED Problems displaying Files/Folders dialogs. Thanks to Agus.
– FIXED Wrong displaying information and a unnecessary delay when user click a column at loaded profile list.
– IMPROVED Community form interaction with the other forms.
– IMPROVED Rebuild speed for profiles with only CHDs.
– IMPROVED Scan/Rebuild when profile has baddumps.
– REDUCED Small freezing time when finishing DATs importation.
– CHANGED Time counter non based on OS datetime. Prevents problems if user changes datetime when Romulus is running.
– CHANGED Rollback ESCAPE button to close a Window with keydown event again.
– UPDATED CHDMan binaries to 0.193 version.
– UPDATED RAR binaries to 5.50 version.
– REMOVED in Settings – Advanced « Check for baddumps and duplicates », now always is checked and created by user decision.
– REMOVED hottrack painting in profiles and scan lists to decrease CPU render usage.




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