MedGui Reborn est une interface (Frontend) pour Mednafen sur OS Windows. Cette archive inclut MetroMed.

– Added a control to bypass https webrequest on win xp (due to unsupported tls 1.2)
– Added a control to disable download cheat button on win xp (due to unsupported tls 1.2)
– Added a option to paste copied cheats on listbox2
– Added import from external cheats file in Mednafen format
– Added cheat cache cleaner on Reset window form
– Fixed bad detection of game md5 in any cases
– Added a control to swap bin, img file > 10 mb (thx to Apocalypse for report bug)
– Fixed a problem with comma and dot value on numericupdown control (thx to Apocalypse for report bug)
– Added the selection of tabs in advanced mednafen config by mouse weel
– Added missing tooltip
– Increased the timeout connection on webrequest to prevent problems
– Disabled online scrape function from TGDB on XP OS (sorry net 2.0 framework on XP doesnt support tls 1.2)
– Added Port Type as parameter sended do MedPad
– Added Enabled/Disabled filter on Cheat Manager
– Cheat form manager resized
– Added a workaround to prevent exception MedGuiR updater on win XP OS


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